Gamma Delta Chapter at East Tennessee State University

Kappa Delta

Our Recruitment

Dear Potential New Members,

Welcome to ETSU! It is such a great time to be a Buccaneer, and an even better time to Go Greek. I am so glad you have shown interest in this particular aspect of the university. Greek life is one of the many ways you can be involved on campus, and these organizations have the potential to fulfill your college years with the lessons and memories you will remember long after these four years. I hope that you all decide to participate in Formal Sorority Recruitment this Fall or Informal Sorority Recruitment during the Spring. 

Kappa Delta has made its mark on over 160 college and university campuses. Each impact is different from the rest, but as a whole, we strive to instill confidence in women and those in the community surrounding us. Kappa Delta holds its member to the most honorable, beautiful and highest standard through leadership development, academic success and community service. We do all of this in the hope to build our sisterhood and show the meaning of true friendship to everyone around us.

Kappa Delta will open their sisterhood to any unaffiliated freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. This means the woman choosing to go through recruitment must not have pledged any NPC sorority in the past. 
Kappa Delta will be recruiting those with a 2.5 GPA or higher. The recruitment process can be intimidating, but this is a great way to meet many like-minded women on the ETSU campus as well as become an exciting new experience you will always remember. Kappa Delta is unique in their philanthropy, sisterhood,
and values, and if you are curious about any of those aspects we encourage you to go through recruitment. If you have any other detailed questions you feel you need to ask before taking this step, feel free to contact any Kappa Delta sister or email me at

Recruitment is made up of three nights: Philanthropy Night, Sisterhood Night and Preference Night. 
Philanthropy Night is exactly what you would guess it to be. Kappa Delta will share with you our two major philanthropies, 
Prevent Child Abuse America and Girl Scouts of the USA and why they both align with our values and beliefs. Kappa Delta has also founded the Confidence Coalition, where we strive to instill confidence in women and children through the confidence we hold within our sisterhood.

Speaking of sisterhood, the second-night of recruitment is where we will share with you the many unique ways we all come together to form one Kappa Delta. 

Preference Night will give you the opportunity to look deeper into the bonds that we share as sisters and the true meaning of why we hold this Kappa Delta so dear.

Bid Day is the last part of recruitment, the celebration at the end of the three long days. You will find your new home, and your new family, in Kappa Delta.

Our sisterhood cannot wait to share our love for what we hold most important to us all. 
Jules Thomas
VP - Membership, Kappa Delta Gamma Delta 


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